Shoes for Dell

As I think I mentioned, Dell did not come with shoes, and that seemed a bit unfair. Lots of my dolls hang around shoe-less, because when the shoes are small, if they fall off they can get lost really easily. Generally in my barbie-sized gang people only get to wear shoes on the regular if Im sure they’re secure. The Bratzillaz get theres, so does EAH Dexter, but not the three girls, who are on Barbie doll bodies, etc.
The thing is, all my larger girls get to wear shoes, because theres often stay on better, and even when they dont, are harder to lose. And given this is the bunch Dell hangs around with its a bit mean that she’s the only gal forced to go barefoot. She does fit the designafriend little sister shoes, but her feet stretch them a bit so I dont really want her wearing her for long periods of time

This then is my solution. Crochet isnt the best method for realistic shoes, they look a bit like bootees, but it is the method of making things that Im best at. Things tend to turn out very close to how I intended, and are durable. Myfroggystuff has some tutorials for shoes that look much better, but Im pretty sure that my attempt at those wouldnt look that good or hold up very well. These shoes have the basic structure of trainers

With a separate tongue, and laces, but because crochet fabric does often stretch easily, the laces dont show up well because the two sides pull together too far

They’ll do, however, and she can stand in them, which I wasnt expecting. At some point I may try and search out some better ones for her. In my city theres a shop for doll collectors, and although it isnt my sort of doll collecting, I can still take advantage of what they have. Its a shop that goes more in for the reborn dolls, and crazy expensive collector dolls, neither of which are to my taste, but those dolls need shoes, and I think its likely that theres going to be something there that fits Dell. They offer shoes in a range of sizes. They also have some paolo de reina outfits, which was a surprise. I didnt know they were sold in UK shops. Anyone know?
So now Dell has nice warm feet. I didnt realise until after she’d been here a few days, but Dell actually sounds like an abbreviation of the name of my childhood best friend. They didnt use this abbreviation, but now Ive realised that it could be the name makes me think of her, and I think in my head Dells actual name is probably going to end up being Adele


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