A dress I just finished

Made this for my disney animators collection Mulan doll.

Well, I say made it. Really I just altered it to fit her, but given that involved sewing over nearly all of the seams, and making some new ones, it sort of counts. Its a teddy bear dress I had, not from my build a bear trip but just had for some reason. Incidentally, im rather annoyed at that shop. They gave me a number on my reciept for me to go and fill in a survey on my experience, and also enter a prize draw, which I was all set to do, so I gave them a glowing review, then got to entering some details for the draw and realised it only works for americans. You have to put a phone number in an american format, and give a state that you live in. Seeing as how they’re pushing that in the UK stores that seems a bit dumb. It really annoys me when stuff is USA-only. I mean I know there are times when its difficult to include the UK for stuff, but if that isnt made clear or its pretty much implied that it is including us then thats a bit frustrating.
So yeah, the pretty dress. I took in the seams at the shoulders and down the sides, and when I continued the new seam into the skirt so there wouldnt be a wierd fold, I actually took a bit extra out of each side of the skirt, cos it was really mega poofy. I also added an extra skirt seam down the back, because I took it in a little where the velcro fastening is, and now the skirt is much more reasonable. Theres also a matching bow, which came as a teddy headband, but doesnt work as a headband for anybody, so I put it on when she has a plait in

I dont like the pigtails she came with very much, because I just dont think she looks much like Mulan. Its better when her hair is loose, but I cant leave it like that, theres tons of it and it’d end up in a total state, so she usually has a single plait down the back.
She really needs a few outfits, instead of just keeping her in what she comes in. That cute little toddler look is different from my other dolls in her size, so that means I can make a different style of clothes. She does fit into the designafriend stuff, but she doesnt look right in it, she appears much younger than the other dolls even though she’s similar in height. Im going to alter a top and some dungarees for her too, but that might take a little while, the denim will be a nuisance by hand. Especially since all my needles, pretty much, are at various stages of blunt, except my beading needles, which have managed to stay sharp because the eyes are so tiny they’re a nightmare to use. Hence why Im not using them now, because I dont see any reason apart from that not to use them for regular sewing. I hardly ever bead, I only bought them for one specific project. If I ever get my hands on that Ill post a photo up here. Its like a fish-themed wall hanging deal, which is really hard to describe, but Im quite proud of. It lives in my parents attic for now, but one day it’ll come down


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