Hearts for hearts Dell

I feel like Ive been waiting forever for this girl to show up. Realistically it cant be more than a few weeks, but Im not very good at waiting. She’s a present from a very lovely person in my life, who I initially enlisted to help me buy her on ebay, since I wasnt sure how to use it and wouldnt have been able to be online when the auction ended. They then decided that, having won the auction, the doll would be a gift from them, and I need not pay them back for it. There are times when I want to slap half the world, but there are some truly wonderful people in my life, and they make all the difference.
I think that Dell might be the most beautiful doll I own, right now. When I decided I would like a hearts for hearts girl I didnt have her in mind at all, my favourites were the dolls like Shola and Tipi with darker hair and eyes. I do like Rahel a lot, but her hair worries me a bit, its very curly. The only reason I got Dell is because she was for a much better price than the others. I really dont think photos do her justice at all though. Heres her box photo

She looks fine, but not especially interesting in a line whose big point of interest for me was that they represented dolls of many different cultures and ethnicities. Heres my best photo of her

Its still not great, now more than ever I wish I had a good camera. In a lot of the other photos I took of her she doesnt look anything like as beautiful as she is in real life. Her eyes are fantastic, with different colours in different lights, and i find her expression more captivating than photos have ever shown me. Im glad I got her. She didnt come with any of her accessories except a necklace

It has a bead and a loop of thread to fasten it, and another loop on her top to keep it safe. Its a very secure system but I had to undo it to get the top on and off, so I decided to just take it off and keep it in a safe place while I was taking photos. Im guessing that the lack of accessories are why I got her for a good price. Its still not too hard to get the dolls still in their boxes, with a little booklet about them, a comb, bracelets and shoes, so I imagine a lot of people who have the money would prefer to pay a little extra to get everything included. I would have, she’s easily worth the money, if shipping from america didnt already put up the price. Its a shame they never did these dolls in the UK, because if Id seen them in shops I would have snapped them up. As it is, I dont mind the loss of the booklet, because people have reviewed the doll and I can fairly easily find out what it said, the comb doesnt look very useful, and the bracelets arent massively exciting. The only thing thats a shame is the lack of shoes. Oh and she should have a hat, but I dont much like it. However I dont think the shoes will be a problem because when I took a look at her feet I realised they are almost identical to Sienna and Sydneys, my designafriend little sisters

I cant tell whose is whose from that photo, and I took it! Sure enough she looks fantastic in Sydneys trainers

Though they are it turns out just a little tight. Getting her feet into them is a bit trickier, and they look a little stretched. Also, while she can usually stand alone, she cant in those shoes. But then their owners never could stand alone so I dont suppose they were designed for a stable base. She cant fit into Jolinas shoes, even though she’s also a similar size to her. Sydney came over for this photo because of the shoe borrowing, but I took all my other comparison photos with Sienna, because she’s another brunette, which I thought might be nice

The two look close enough in size that they can definitely inhabit the same universe


Dell is strung with elastic, the first doll Ive had like this, so I dont have much basis for comparison. I think her neck elastic might be a little bit loose, because her head swings about very easily, and she shows a marked preference for tilting her head back

Here is the visual difference between the different doll bodies

Sienna seems to come off worst in this line up. Her cloth body affects what she can wear, and she cant stand alone. Plus, her hair is definitely the lowest quality

The difference isnt massively obvious to see, but Dells hair is shinier and softer, as well as being cut in a more realistic looking way. I think Jolina migt have the best hair though. Even though its not quite as shiny or soft to touch, it resists tangles better than any dolls hair Ive ever had. It just doesnt seem to get them at all, which is pretty magic. Dell and Jolina are overall pretty even I think. Jolina poses better, but then her joints dont look very pretty in her legs if you dont put her trousers on. Also her neck is very stiff. Both Jolina and Sienna have only movement to look to the left and right, while Dell can look in pretty much any direction. Her range of motion is the least, since Siennas cloth body gives her joints a bit of extra wiggle, but the mould of the body and limbs is nice. I like it better than Jolinas because Jolina has moulded nipples. I dont see the need for them really, since Im not planning on taking her about topless, and its quite disconcerting when you pick up a doll and feel a nipple without warning.
Now the fun bit is the clothes swaps. I spent quite a long time on this, because I had clothes from quite a few sources that might fit her. First she did a swap with Sienna. Her clothes look ok on Sienna, except for her broader shoulders

But they dont close at the back

And can we just take a moment to appreciate these shorts. The fly is actually separated, not just a sewn on line

And the back pockets are real too

They blow Siennas elasticated loose things out of the water

Build a bear shorts compare a bit better

At least they only elasticated the back, so the front can look neat. But then, they also have a tail hole at the back, which none of my girls need. It doesnt show much, its basically just a little slit, it doesnt gape open, but still, not ideal. I considered sewing that up, but my stitches would just make it more noticeable than it ever was.
Dell fits just fine in Siennas outfit

Although actually its not one outfit, but made up of bits from others. The shoes and shorts are from Sydneys two outifts. But they’re all for the same doll body so that doesnt matter. Id like to try her with long sleeves and trousers, I think that gives the best idea of fit, but such an outfit for the little sisters will exist only if I make it myself. And if I do, Ill try to make it fit as many as possible anyway. The little sisters really are sold short. Apart from what they come with, which is all totally inappropriate for colder weather, all Ive seen for them is a bridesmaids dress. Though now Sienna is gone for good I wonder if they just cant be bothered with the little sisters. The larger dolls, with their choice of outfits for all occasions, and sligtly more varied appearances, probably sell much better.
I got that swap done first, so Sienna could go and sit back down with the others while I did what was going to be a very in-depth explore of Jolinas wardrobe. First of all, Jolina looked completely darling in Dells stuff, just like she does in pretty much everything ever

Jolinas wardrobe is probably the largest of any of my dolls

(I need to work on storage solutions). Her outfits come from three different sources; the ones made for the Jolina dolls, by Zapf, the build-a-bear ones, and some from my old Jellycat dolls. They all fit Jolina differently, so I had to try them all on Dell. I started with the actual Jolina stuff

She looks fine in the dress from the music doll set, although without bending elbows she cant play the instruments that came with it. The rest of Jolinas stuff is dance wear, which is meant to be tight, so I felt a bit more dubious about that, but it wasnt too bad

These two separates, from different outfits, I picked out as the tigtest of the bunch, and they dont quite close right

But all in one leotard and leggings, which is my favourite of the dance clothes, is a great fit, and looks cute too

This photo doesnt show how great it is with her eyes

And see, no gap at the back.
Basically a success there. Next up, the Jellycat clothes. Ive always found these hit and miss on any doll of around the right size, because the doll they were made for is completely soft, and much easier to get into awkward angles or squish into things

This isnt one of mine, she’s just from a google image search. Theres one dress the jellycat girls had which never fits anybody else. It has no stretch at all at the waist, so it never goes over anybodys hips. Everthing esle works fine for Dell in terms of width, but the length varies massively. The pyjamas are fine

Her head is too big for the hood, and I need to do something about the top fastening, because its just one measly square of velcro and it doesnt do the trick. And no, I dont know why the pjs have a hood. I swear thats what they were sold as though. This line just puzzles me. The next outfit, despite being made for the same dolls, is kinda half-mast

Those are Jolinas preferred trousers, and they are long enough for her, so I think she’ll be keeping them. Last up, I dont even know what to call this set

It looks more like pyjamas than the pyjamas, but thats not what they are. They came with one of those cone hats with a veil that medieval ladies wore, and I have lost, but it wouldnt fit Dells head anyway. It was a squeeze on the plush heads of its intended owners. I remember that when I used to play with those dolls that was the karate outfit, worn by whichever doll was designated as bodyguard to the doll in the dress, who got to be princess. For some reason that one sits even shorter on Dell.
Overall I dont think the Jellycat clothes are a great success for Dell. But she’s definitely close enough in size to Jolina that any clothes I make for one will probably fit the other, since its my tendency to make clothes a but looser rather than tighter.
In the build a bear clothes the litte pyjama set is really sweet on Dell

Everything is a bit short, but thats not surprising when you consider who they were made for

And I think its cute short, like crop tops. The red Geek Chic shorts aint happening however

I just dont see any reason at all to do that. The denim shorts are better

(Though, by the way, I think they’re trousers on the bears, not shorts)
But why would she bother with them, really, when her own are so perfect

She’s just so sweet! Finally I tried her in the full size designafriend coat, just for fun

It swamps her, but in a really adorable way.
I think at some point Id like to make her some historical clothing of come kind. I really think she’d look nice in a bonnet for some reason. Not that I have a clue how to make bonnets, but I can figure it out somehow. I could get a pattern, but I dont much like patterns over messing around for myself, even if the result will be better. Hey, the dolls dont mind!


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