Sienna’s looking good!

Sienna has had her curlers in for pretty much three full days now, so I decided to see how we were going. That felt like it should be long enough. Here she is before a brush through

I think using the pipe cleaners has worked pretty well in terms of getting the curls and the volume, but I dont think they’d work if you want perfect ringlets, because they wont slide out, you have to unroll them. Luckily I was more after wild curls. I didnt realise until I took them all out how many pipe cleaners Id used

After a brush through, and with her face re-do finished, I got her dressed up in an outfit made from bits of both her wardrobe and Sydneys

This is how big her hair is, still

It’ll probably lose some of that volume over time, but I really like it. Ive completely made a rod for my own back in terms of having to brush it, that’ll get tangled so fast, and I cant very well do my usual thing of just plaiting difficult hair after I put those curls in. But she’s so lovely. Heres a look at her face

I really dont do much with these dolls faces. The inset eyes provide so much of the expression of the face, everything I do only needs to be quite soft and subtle. I definitely prefer my version of their lips though, with the fuller top lip. And now Sienna joins the others

I love having my bigger dolls displayed like that. I have a doll drawer, there isnt space for everyone to just hang out wherever they please, and I dont like putting dolls in there and not seeing them. And if anything plays havoc with doll hair, its that drawer, so almost everyone in there has to have a plait. Im working on other places to put the dolls though, Ill show you my other room sets another time


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