Ladeeda ripoff custom

Quite a long time ago I saw a doll called Sweetyz, who looked like she was supposed to be a cheaper Ladeeda. See what I mean?

Ive fancied repainting a Ladeeda for a while but I love my Ladeedas, I didnt want to take their faces off. However I couldnt care less about her face, its downright creepy. Im pretty pleased with how it turned out


The only problem is on one side, where I had a bit of a run issue

My friend who’s done a lot of doll repaints recommended a different sealer, games workshops purity seal, and it doesnt behave like the one Im used to. It usually hides under her hair though, its pretty bushy. It looks a lot like my Ladeeda Tylies, but it doesnt feel half as nice as hers. She could kinda do with some new clothes now though. Her outfit is a bit peculiar

She cant share clothes with Tylie and Cyanne because her body is a lot thicker. They are just so extremely thin. She’s made by the same people as Sparkle Girlz and Pixie Punks, and the body type she has looks very similar

But when I tried her in a dress from a sparkle girl, it didnt quite look right

It looks much better on the pixie punks body Draculaura has, so I wonder if hers is just a smidge bigger

Her legs are completely different, so she couldnt wear any trousers or anything from that line anyway. She looks nice in Meridas dress I think

And we eventually settled on a dress made for Steffi. Its a bit loose but the colour is perfect

She isnt as close in size to the others as Id hoped, but she looks alright. Her legs crack me up!

I dont have anyone else who can do that. Id like to make her some clothes, but for now she can hang out on my desk with Tylie and Cyanne

And legs, Tyilies pet octopus


2 thoughts on “Ladeeda ripoff custom”

  1. I really like the outfitsTylie and Cyanne are wearing, did you make them? Your new doll, with her new face really fits in with the other ladeeda lady’s. Cute pic in the tub :3


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