I finished the bunk beds!

Let me introduce my pride and joy

Ive been working on these for what feels like a long time, but isnt really. Its just because they’re so big

They are 18″ doll sized, and its generous for them. Most people dont take up the full length of their beds, but have some extra space, which is what Ive done here, so larger dolls could manage. Emily can actually stand up underneath

Theres a shelf unit underneath, that Ive left quite versatile


Little baskets under the bed I got at a pound-type shop, as well as a toy box I made


I made the bedding out of flannels for the pillows, and dish towels for the sheets. More flannels folded at the end of the beds too, for blankets. The whole thing is actually just cardboard, glue and newspaper, so it has a few wobbles here and there, it doesnt look as good as the one froggy did, but Im still so proud. There are coat hooks on one end, which was a jewellery holder from a pound shop

Ive put stickers on it from various places, because I always used to have things stuck to my bed frame. They’ve got some lalaloopsy minis for dolls, and Ill show the rest of their toys another time. They got the mini mecchano set, its too big for anyone else.i just wish I had better photos. I did my best to set up my desk lamps, but I need a good camera, and Id run out of natural light. I dont get tons anyway, and I didnt have time to take photos until it got dark. Thats usually not a problem because there’s good lighting pointing at my bed, so I just do everything there, but this was a bit on the large side for that. I hope you like it!


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