Curiousity killed the cat

And by cat, I mean budget. Im not silly with money generally, and basically my doll money comes from where clothes and alcohol and entrance to clubs and things would come, if I had much of a social life. But so far this year, i have not been good, and I need to stop. Starting this blog has really reignited my enthusiasm for my dolls, which has lead to reading lots of other blogs and getting ideas, and eventually coming up with things that I want to buy. And we’ve just had january, so lots of stuff Ive wanted to but has been on sale, so Ive figured well Ill spend now and then save up more later, so I can do the same thing in sales in future and not destroy my bank balance. Ive got one doll coming in the post, and Im watching another on ebay without much hope of buying it, cos its already heading out of my price range, and then Im gonna reign it in. I can still write posts about the dolls I have, and the things I make for them, and thats what i wanted to do all along. Its just that when I read peoples reviews, and watch youtube videos, I see so much stuff I really like. I blame the internet, basically. I can do that, Ive always said Im secretly an old man in disguise.
But yeah, what this is leading up to is that I did it again 😦 after finally getting around to writing up Sydneys intro post, i was going past argos… And I thought id just go in and take a little look. Just because. Ive always liked looking in toy shops, and its usually not a problem to just leave empty-handed, its what happens more often than not in the entertainer even when I go there planning to get something. That shop just doesnt sell stuff to me very well somehow.
However at argos, the Designafriend line is still relatively novel to me. Its the most affordable 18″ doll option I have (well emma was cheaper, but i cant buy outfits without a doll, and shes not exactly easy to find), and since the decision that I do want to venture into the world of larger dolls is pretty recent too, everything is still kinda shiney 🙂
So remember in my post about Sydney I told you how I regretted not getting the brunette little sister because she’s gone now? Well, meet Sienna

My argos had just the one left in stock, down to £9.99. For people who dont do pounds, thats less than the standard equestria girls dolls, about half the price of some of the new releases there (only thing I can think of).
And boy am I glad I got her! I know I didnt need her, and Im supposed to be cutting back again now because sales and holiday money splurging are over, but I love her! She might get a new name though, not sure yet. Since I already have Sydney I had something better to go on than the catalogue photo, so I wasnt so surprised by her face. And Im going to redo it anyway, because the lips they gave her eeally exacerbate the strange mouth she has. She is definitely the doll I would have picked first if I hadnt wanted a sister for Emily, and since opening her I like her even more. Her outfit is cool

Thats a short, fake leather skirt! Bit exciting for a ‘little sister’ doll. I love the shoes as well

Although I guess I like Sydneys trainers a lot too. Her other outfit I like a lot, lot more than Sydneys wierd playsuit thing. I just never quite got playsuits, they can look lovely like the one I initially bought Emily, but as a garmet they dont make sense. Do you have to take the whole thing off to use the toilet? Sienna has a nice dress instead

And little white knickers, which Sydney didnt.

She seems to have had a rougher time of it in her box too. The hair rooting and quality is the exact same as the other little sister doll, as you’d expect, they are just the same doll except for colour variations, but there were a lot more tangles in it, quite nasty ones that took some work, and a very peculiar bend

It might look like Ive just flopped it like that, since she’s lying down, but it hangs there when she’s standing too. I just cant get a photo because she cant stand up alone, and I dont have a proper camera so I need two hands to get photos. That was interesting too, I wondered if the inability to stand was all the dolls, or if Sydney was just a bit loose, but I think its both. They both have the same tendency to pigeon toe, they cant put their feet flat without leaning to the extent that they overbalance.
Given the hair situation, and the fact that I already have Sydney, I feel pretty happy about changing her up a bit more. So first, curlers

I know its messy, but I dont have hair, I dont know how to do this stuff! (Slight exaggeration. Strands of hair does grow out of follicles on my head, but im a whole lot closer to the ken dolls with the molded hair than to these girls) Im not using hot water to help curl it like is often recommended. Ive done it in the past and its worked well but Im a bit nervous of her cloth body, and what would happed to the metal in the pipe cleaners. I used a cheaper hair clip than usual on a dolls hair when I ran out of the good ones and it left a little mark behind. So she’s gonna spend the next few days just chilling in her curlers and pjs

These are pyjamas from a jellycat doll line that I dont think they do anymore. They were completely soft, I have a few hanging around my parents attic, but I borrowed all their clothes to bulk up Jolinas wardrobe cos its all dance stuff. She looks like a bit of a mess like that but she’s not going anywhere fancy.
I also bought one of the designafriend pets, a bunny in a bag. The newer ones have outfits but this one isnt very exciting. It was, however, wonderfully cheap.

The bag will come in handy.

But I dont rate the bunny so much, I think its more of a toy for them than a pet. Cute though



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