Looong post about DesignaFriends

If you’ve read Emilys introduction post, it was there that I originally brought up the designafriends range from argos, and said how much I liked it. I’d bought an outfit for Emily to just try, and even though its a bit loose I like the look of it on her. Not long after that I was by argos again and grabbed the pyjama set, which has showed up in a photo on here I think, but that wasnt what the post was about so I didnt mention it

Anyone remember? Almost everything in the line was on some sort of discount, some of them very good, and after a bit of online noseying I figured out that they were going to bring in a new selection of stuff for the dolls, and were getting rid of the old stock. With that in mind, I headed down there once more to see what was left of the old line to grab while I could, and also maybe take a nosey at the new one. I had in mind an underwear set with a vest and tights, as being quite useful, but that was out of stock, and the new one they’ve brought in I dont like at all. No tights, and instead of a vest they have like a mini bra sort of thing. Not necessary, these dolls dont have developed figures! I had a couple of those when I was pretty young, and I remember how uncomfortable they were, so Im not going to put them on a doll. But I did want to get anything left in stock from the old line, and after a little while of looking at both old and new, i started to wonder about getting a doll too. I dont like the soft bodied style as much, but theres an offer where you buy a doll, accessories and an outfit, and theres some money off. Plus, there were two little sister dolls, who came with two outfits of their own, so thats three outfits, an accessory and a doll for not much more than the price of an our generation doll, with the sale on too. The little sisters came as blonde or brunette, and though I generally prefer brunettes, I picked the blonde because if she’s a little sister she’s Emilys, who is blonde. It looks like they’ve discontinued the brunette one with the new line anyway, so I sort of wish I’d got her just because I now cant, but I liked the blonde catalogue picture much more. Here it is

She came with the name Sydney, and I dont think Im going to change it, its stuck already.
When i first got her out, I was actually a bit disappointed. I dont think her picture gave me a very accurate idea of her

Her face has a different expression to me, and also her mouth is open and quite deep, which looked odd at first

So the first thing I did was give her a new face, to try and make her look like she’s related to Emily

Its a subtle difference again, but in person at least I can see it clearly. I think long term she’s going to need a wig, because her hair is too dark blonde, i want to match it to Emily, the rooting at the front isnt great as you can see in the photo, and theres been a very half-hearted attempt to root her with a side parting that doesnt stay put. I think if she was given to a small child who wanted to style the hair they’d have trouble getting a neat style.
Slightly awkwardly I forgot to take a photo of her in her ‘meet’ outfit, and Ive since lost the t shirt. Its not lost-lost, I know where it is, but there are a lot of other things also in that place so it’ll take some digging to find. Theres the catalogue photo, and it turns out that all of her clothes, although not the shoes, fit Emily really well. Here she is in the first set

And in Sydneys second outfit, a sparkly playsuit thing

Isnt she lovely? Its a shame they dont make very many little sister clothes that. I could buy for her, although she’s a lot taller, so stuff with long sleeves or legs wouldnt work. This is their comparative heights. And by the way, although Emily can stand in a straight position very well, Sydney wont stand at all, she’s too loose

I do have a photo of Sydney in the second outfit

And these are the shoes with that one

They remind me a lot of the pink shoes from Emilys playsuit outfit. I dont much like Sydney in the playsuit though. It shows her cloth body in places quite clearly

And as well, I just think the style isnt right for her. Of course, I did get some outfits on their own as well, but first we’ll make a quick pit stop in accessories. The options with this doll line are pretty uninspired. Theres the underwear and pyjamas sets, and Ive already covered those. There is a new pj set, with a nightie instead of the top and shorts, but I didnt see a need for two of them when they wouldnt fit Sydney, they dont come in little sister size. Theres a hair set, with a hat box, beret and headband, but those arent very exciting. The hat is so straightforward, froggy has done a tutorial for a hat that looks the exact same, except if you make it you can choose the colour, instead of pastel pink, which wont even go with a lot of the designafriends own stuff. Theres a travel set, which consists just of a suitcase and some tickets, so after the our generation one its a but underwhelming. I mean, it is much cheaper, but it doesnt look like much will even fit in the suitcase, and if they ever decide to go anywhere they can share my suitcase. The last option is the wardrobe/travel case type thing that seems to be standard for most doll lines.

Its thick cardboard, not even as tall as Sydney, but an accessory was included in the offer basically for free, and I could see myself actually getting some use out of it, even if it was for different dolls.

Inside it has drawers that are a very close fit, they’re not easy to get in and out, and a larger compartment. That has some cardboard triangles which I assume are intended for coat hangers, and are held up by little squares of cardboard on either side to sit their edges on. One was half falled off when I opened it, and now its just gone. Not much of a loss though.
Amd now, the outfits! This bit was fun. I got two of the sale ones, and one from the new lot to go in the special offer. The special offer one was a winter outfit

I think its nicer than the old one, which has been sold out since i discovered these dolls anyway. It comes with boots too


And I wanted to see if they’d stay in Emilys feet better than the pumps. They kinda do, but not much. The whole outfit is loose on her, like all the designafriend stuff

But she does look cute, so Im happy with it. In the sale I got one of the party dresses

Which comes with strappy sandals. I wondered if they might stay on better too, being a bit adjustable, but they dont

I also got the wedding guest dress

Which also comes with sandals, as well as a hair clip. Heres a demonstration of their equally bad fit

This dress isnt hemmed, it just has a raw edge,mbut it doesnt look like its going to fray much

I like how the dress looks with the leggings from the coat and Emilys own shoes

Thats what she’s been wearing pretty much since I got them, I think its so sweet. Sydney can wear the big designafriend dresses too

This one doesnt show her cloth as much as her own

And it looks nice from the back too. Dolls clothes often dont look so nice behind because the manufacturers just dont bother, but I like this one even though its plainer than the front

I think that the doll/outfit/accessory offer represents good value for money. Id reccomend the full size dolls, because the only outfit at the moment for little sister dolls is a bridesmaids dress, which while cute, isnt very versatile. I tried swapping clothes with Jolina, but that didnt work at all, so until I catch up to my backlog of little sewing jobs she’s going to have a pretty plain wardrobe.
The last thing I want to show you is Mackenzie, who has spent the day digging through all the doll clothes i have that even might fit her. She’s trying to find her ‘look’, and though she’s angling for me to make her something (i will, but see above re: backlog of sewing. Some of its important too, not just doll stuff) at the moment this is where we’re at

The shoes and cloak are Bratzillaz, as are the goggles

She’s agreed to loose the cloak and goggles for school, and also tame the hair a bit

The top is from a pixie punks doll, I cut the wings off, and its over a dress which I think is Barbie. I dont have a clue who the socks belonged to originally. Maybe Freaky Freya. But they were in the box, and anything in there is fair game for anyone to try.
As you can see, Mack is still trying that teenage individuality thing. She wants a full steampunk outfit, but I dont know if i have the skill for that, and I certainly dont have the time.
Hope you like Sydney, and the new clothes!


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