Noelle progress

So after about an hour soaking I tried to brush and rinse Noelles hair. Im not sure if the soak made it any easier (it was just fabric softener) but it was certainly still an uphill struggle. There were some knots I couldnt do anything with except cut out, and it kept tangling itself up again. Ive read a lot of reviews that havent loved the hair quality on these dolls, so i was expecting it to be a bit coarse, but I still think it probably didnt need to be this bad. When i rinsed it the water came off brown, it was so dirty.
I ended up giving her an overall trim, the ends were quite bad and cutting out knots had left things a bit uneven. Heres the damage

That is not a small bowl, by the way. Its more like a soup bowl, I think, than say one you would eat your ice cream out of, if that makes sense. She looks much better now

She fits the design a friend clothes the same as Emily does, they are very close in size. At some point Ill do her a fashion show, but I have a few other posts planned that I ought to get on with soon. I think it’d be best to mostly keep her hair tied back in some way to prevent tangling, like plaits. I feel better about my purchase now her hair is ok. It doesnt smell any more, and the only remaining issue with her is that her torso joint is loose, so she doesnt always sit straight. But again, Ive come across that problem in other peoples reviews for this doll, so I was prepared for that one.

After I lost at least an hour to Noelles hair crisis, I went out to do some shopping. I went to pound world, to get some of these box folders

I like them a lot for keeping my uni stuff in because they hold quite thick things secure without me needing to hole punch them. I dont imagine anyone cares, but they are good. I always look around in shops like that for things that would be useful for dolls, and I found some interesting things that are much more relevant to this blog than folders. First, I grabbed some more socks

The ones I used for Emily were great, and they had a whole range of other nice bright patterns. The minion and little miss socks will be great for jumpers, too. The next thing I found was a teeny little scooter

I think you’re supposed to ride it with your fingers or something? Whatever, it seemed like a great prop. It even came with a screw driver, a spanner and some knuts. The span er and knuts are perfect barbie-type doll scale, while the screwdriver is better for dolls around 18″. I really liked these because most accessories I can get for them have quite a girly theme,,and i want more than that for them. Thats not the real world. The scooter also folds up, for storage presumably

It fits chelsea really well, although it cant stand up and it has this strange quirk where if the handlebars are where chelsea can reach both, the wheel is facing sideways, making it less than useful. Im going to work on that though, and. I only wanted it for in photos and scenes

I grabbed a mini meccano-type kit as well

Im not sure what size it’ll turn out, but somebody will be able to use it as a construction toy. I really prefer nit just to give the dolls girly stuff amd meccano is perfect.
Finally in asda I found some thread that claims to blend in to any fabric

Dont know if it does what it says on the tin, but if it does that would be pretty useful for fabric with lots of colurs.
So Noelle will return eventually, for a lot more pictures. But. I have more dolls for you to meet before then, and a couple of craft projects id like to share, so she’ll have to wait her turn 🙂


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