BFC Ink Noelle

For some reaons, a lot of the doll blogs and channels I like are based in America. It might just be coincidence that I keep finding them, but I suspect that there might just be more americans. Its a bigger country, after all.
What has happened to me quite a few times, then, is Ive seen awesome things that the americans have, and after a bit of research discovered that they arent really available in the UK. Two doll lines in particular, BFC Ink and hearts for hearts girls, I fell in love with, and decided to try and see if I could get. After Amazon, my defaukt, didnt turn up much. I decided to give ebay a try. Now, I am not very good with computers, or technology, or doing anything online, so Ive never actually used it before this, and there were a few problems figuring it out. I found one doll I was absolutely prepared to buy, and didnt have a clue until someone else pointed it out that it didnt ship here. Ive sort of got it now though, mostly, though theres still some things I dont get.
And on monday I saw a BFC Ink Noelle, the kind with the elbow joints, at a sensible price and with shipping to me, so obviously I went for it. Noelle is one of my favourites, and I specifically wanted the ones with the most articulation, because thats what attracted me to them in the first place.
Shes going to have to get a proper post later though, because right now she needs some work. She was sold as gently used, and from a smoke free environment, and in all the photos she looked really good. Having got her though, Im a bit ticked off with the seller. Im still going to keep her, she was hard to find and I think I can handle it, but shes not in as good a state as I expected. First of all, as soon as I opened the box I was hit by quite an unpleasant smell. I think its the clothes she came with, its stronger on them than her, but having worn them she has it too. The outift isnt BFC Ink, and doesnt fit properly, but that was stated in the description, so. I dont mind that bit. The worse thing though is her hair

Its awful! There wasnt any mention of this that I saw (thoughI can be a but dim, Im not ruling out that theres some other ebay thing Ive missed) and all the photos showed only the nicer bits of her hair. She has some front strands that are much smoother and only a little tangled, and I got the impression that all of her hair was like that

Not only is it a rats nest, but it also smells and has bits of fluff and grass and what might be glue in it. Poor girl is currently having a soak to try and sort that out a bit, cos right now its too bad to brush. Ill leave some feedback for the seller, but to be honest Im not sure what the point of that is, because the seller cant fix it. I could ask to send her back but thats not what I want to do, she is a nice doll and apart from the hair basically what I wanted. Oh, and loads of smudges and marks, but they all came off with nail var ish remover 🙂


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