Sofia the First slumber party set

Ok so first off Im not calling it a slumber party. Thats what the set was called, but in my neck of the woods its a sleepover, slumber party feels unnatural.
Sorry, but i had to get that off my chest. I am not exactly having a good day. Im not gonna fill this blog with all the details of my life, but at the same time, whats the point in having a blog if you cant rant just a little? And basically, on saturday I told my parents about something pretty important thats going on in my life. I agonised about telling them for a long time, because they’ve not reacted great to some things in the past, but it was always going to come out in the end. And btw, it wasnt anything bad, except from the point of view of some rather traditional branches of some religions. Which my parents dont belong to.
Anyway, they initially reacted very supportively, much better than Id been expecting. I was totally thrown, but also obviously pleased, I dont want us to fall out. Then, two days later, when my dad is back at work and therefore away from my mum, he sends me a long email lecture indicating the truth of his feelings. I was called bigoted, brutal, and he implied that everything going on is just a phase, and the result of bad influences in my life. Um, ouch. I dont really think I deserved that, especially as I put a lot of thought into how, when, and if to best broach the subject to cause least upset, and be as gentle with them as possible. So now i dont feel great.
However, Ive nearly finished an 18″ doll bunk bed set Im making, ive got my eye on an interesting and surprisingly cheap doll on ebay, and Im going to write another review so the few people who have discovered this thus far dont forget about me.
I found the sleepover set a little while ago at toys r us. There isnt one of those massively near me, since I cant drive, so. I dont go very often, but I decided to make a trip of it one day. It wasnt very inspiring, I dont think there was much that I particularly liked, that was different to the much nearer smyths, and some things that I know are available in both were definitely more expensive there. But, having travelled to a whole different town, I didnt really want to return empty handed, and I had thought that princess Sofia was a cutie for a little while. The set i bought had three dolls

All wearing rather cute nighties, and with painted on slippers

They also each had a sleeping mask/tiara, an interesting combination

An additional hair accessory

And a pillow and blanket. The set also had a plastic charm, which I gather is collectible

In the set each doll had all her things lined up beside her, in a sort of colour scheme with her nightie, but its been a little while, and I cant remember what came with who exactly. The hair accessories are pretty obvious; each one is in a colour that only one doll has. But I found the bedding a bit more of a puzzle

I managed a good guess with the blankets, but the pillows dont fit very well in the colour scheme. One has yellow and blue, so fits with two different dolls, and the other two just have a generic seeming pink theme. But honestly Im just impressed that I managed to find everything from the set, given that a lot of it has been just hanging out in my small doll accessories drawer since not long after I got it. Stuff came out for the family portraits photo shoot, but not with any particular attention to which set it came with.
After getting the set I had a bit of a nosey around online, and discovered that this set is based around an episode of the show that the doll apparently has. I didnt bother watching the whole thing, but they seem to sing songs in every episode, which exist as isolated clips on youtube, so. I did watch a few of those. I found out that the dolls are, from left to right here:

Ruby, Jade, and Princess Sofia. Apparently the other two are her friends from before she became a princess, and in the sleepover episode she tries to combine them with her new princess friends, which doesnt initially work well, and she therefore learns some valuable lessons about friendship and authenticity and stuff, because this is after all aimed at small children. Having watched a few clips of her, I was struck by how different my doll looks to the animated Sofia. The other two arent far off, and I quite like them, but this Sofias face looks shorter and wider, and her expression seems a bit smug, almost, compared to her normally swert and caring face. I love Jade and Ruby though. Jades choppy cut hair is quite an unusual choice, but looks great, and that and Rubys little bunches make them look like the age they are supposed to be. I cant see Jades hair ever giving me any problems, and the curls of the other two are so short Im not very worried. The only problem is that Rubys extra hair accessories dont sit very well. Apparently they are supposed to be pine cones, a reference to the TV episode where the girls wear a crown of them. Rubys, as well as not closing properly on her bunches, are the least crown like. But I dont think that would matter to most people. She looks better in the headband style

And both Sofia and Jade can get more use out of the clip style, since their hair is just loose to hang around their faces


Size wise these girls are similar to other small dolls I have that i use a children for bigger dolls

But with their heads being so much bigger in proportion they dont really fit in with them, and are instead going to exist in their own universe, along with other mini odds and ends like sylvanian families. There is some potential for clothes sharing though, since the head doesnt much come in to that.

I got both Chelsea and my ty lil ones into their clothes, though only Rubys dress, which has the widest neckline and a slightly looser fit on the shoulders, will actually do up on Chelsea. They all three look adorable, though, and Ill definitely be borrowing them for bed time over at Steffis place. I got Sofia and Jade to squeeze onto the ty outfits


The width is fine on the stretchy bits, but the pink skirt, which doesnt have quite as much stretch, is a bit tight on Jade. And the skirt is really very short given her childlike appearance. The trousers are shorter on Sofia too, but they just look like cropped leggings really. Chelseas outfit looks good too

But the fit is looser, and the trousers in particular would cause a problem if Ruby tried to run around much in them

The articulation on these dolls is better than I expected, and definitely the best of all my small dolls. Their legs move out

As well as back and forward

Which gives them the option to sit legs apart or together

And their arms have the same options. Their knees and elbows arent jointed, but the arms are kinda flexible, at least when held in place.

All the other small dolls I have can only move their limbs in the forwards and backwards way. Ive seen dolls that do more, but not in the reasonably affordable range as a rule. All the joints move nice and easily as well, with the exception that the rotational motion of the shoulders is a bit stiffer than the outwards, meaning that when unspecifically pushed upwards they always favour going out to the side. All three dolls have this, but it doesnt really feel like a flaw because the joints still feel very strong. Making them rotate up doesnt make me worry about snapping them. The flexibility lets them pose with a lot more character than Chelsea and the lil ones

This gymnastic pose really makes me smile. Maybe Ill have to make them a leotard, though it’d be pretty fiddly.
In summary, these are lovely dolls. They werent exactly cheap, but I got three dolls with accessories so if you divide it the price per doll was I think more sensible. Although Im not keen on Sofias face, and not confident to repaint anything so small, theyre the sort of doll where I can see myself really doing stuff with, not sitting them on a shelf all the time


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