Maggies Closet Review

Never heard of that toy before? Im guessing you wont be the only one! The story behind this purchase is very much one of random chance. I first saw the set sitting on a shelf in smyths at some point over the summer

There was just the one, and it looked to already be discounted, but I felt pretty meh about it. Id just discovered that shop, and it sold a whole bunch of dolls i hadnt been seeing in my other regular shops, so that one didnt stand out much. It was still on that shelf for a few months, and at some point i picked it up to take a look at the back, and saw what was included

Then i figured it might be kinda cool for my smaller dolls, at that point I had Chelsea, Evi (steffis little sister) and my two ty lil ones, but i still didnt think it was really worth what Id be paying, to me. It actually seemed like a good value toy for a small child, but given that I wasnt sure if it would fit anybody, it could be a complete waste of time.
Then, on one of my recent trips to smyths, nosing through the sales, I had a look in the discount bin and saw that box, super discounted, amd thought well why not. It was really cheap by that point, and I felt like the fun value Id get from messing with it for a bit would be worth it even if nothing fitted anyone.
First off, when. I opened it this is what I got

I think this is slightly more stuff than was shown on the back of the box, Im not sure if thats a mistake or if the picture was never meant to show everything. Im not going to bother with a picture of the doll because she is pretty boring. Just wood, with string limbs, like you get in childrens doll houses. Plus, I opened the box and brought her out while I was out with friends, and a particularly artistic, talented friend drew all over her. She looked awesome, but then the ink didnt dry properly, so now she just looks smudgy :/
Anyway, on with the trying on fest! My first guinea pigs were Chelsea, Jade from a princess Sofia set, and ty lil ones Sally. Thats not the name she came with, but I renamed her that. I think she came as Sydney, but Ive also seen her as Sophie I think.

I had a feeling everything would be too big for Sally, but I brought her in so we could establish a cut off point

Yeah, that skirt is never going to stay up, and she’s pretty much drowning in the top. Hats cute though. I tried the trousers on her too

Theres enough of them that she could wear them without a top on, and be totally covered up!
So next in line was Chelsea. Shes taller, and also thicker, but proportionally I think shes a bit thinner relative to her height

I think this would work in the dressing up box, though its not a regular outfit, and I cant get the hat to stay on her head. Because the elastic is quite strong it has to be pulled so far down it covers half her face, or else it pings off again.

One of the tops has a flower design that reminds me more of a jumper for some reaons, so I wondered if that might look a bit better being so loose. It kind of does, I could see her wearing that, though it’d have to be with some trousers of her own that fit. Those dont look right at all.
So Jade has a smaller, and much skinnier body that Chelsea, so I didnt hold out much hope. But her head is quite a bit bigger and I wondered what that would do to how it looked proportinally

Apparently, make it much worse! So the little dolls might get some limited use out of the set, but not a whole lot. Time to go up a size, and bring in Stacey and Skipper

They thought the hats were fun, though Skippers was too small. But Staceys sat much better on her head than it had on Chelsea. Overall, the clothes kinda fit Stacey

The skirt is a bit short, and the sleeve length is only sort of working, but shes wearing them, not swimming in them. The set had some little pinafore things, which overall I thought were stupid because they need a shirt under them, and with the coulors everything is there isnt a shirt that will look good under either of them.

Because Stacey is a lot taller than Maggie, she can carefully wear the pinafore as a summer top, and just about get away with nothing underneath. Her favourite item was the rucksack

It opens with a velcro closure, and the scale is spot on. I wasnt sure how this stuff would fit Skipper. Shes nearly as slim as Stacey, so I wondered if stuff might work as cropped tops

Alas, puberty has foiled that one. And the skirt is definitely too short for her!
My last idea was La Dee Da. Their bodies are so tiny and out of proportin I find it quite difficult to predict what they might be able to wear. I was very surprised to discover how good Tylie looks in EAH clothes, for instance, with the only real fit issue being the tights.


I think she looks kinda cute in this stuff. Being less realistic right fome the start helps I think because if the fit is a little strange that isnt going to stand out next to the fact that her eyeballs are bigger than her hand ๐Ÿ™‚
I dont know about her wearing an ensemble made of just these clothes, but I think mixing them in with better futting outfits frim other sources will work out quite well

That was a whole lot of fun! It wasnt a great success in terms of usefulnes, but I think that complaining about something not being useful is pretty ironic from the point of view of spending my money on childrens toys for my own amusement ๐Ÿ™‚
I do like the box. It has a magnetic close, so Ill probably repurpose it to some sort of cupboard for somebody


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