Family Portraits- Part 2

The next group to sit before my camera , in all its poor quality, blurry glory, were my Ever After High dolls. Apart from Dexter they are all on new bodies, just in case anyone thinks they look a bit different to normal

The first attempt produced quite a stiff, formal result, I suspect due to Dexter and Raven being more used to a royal style of portrait. Cerise is not one to draw attention, and Maddie was trying to go along with everyone else, even though thats not a very wonderland-style way of doing things.
I decided that adding an element of fun might lighten things up a bit

I think these outfits really helped the girls to let loose. Dexter doesnt have one, but he cant take his eyes off the girls. And Maddie even borrowed Cerises hood, just because. I mean, does she need more of a reason?
I also snuck another pic of them all hanging out in the EAH themed room Im making them

Its not even close to finished, but they love having their own space to hang out in already.

The rest of the photos I took were of my smaller dolls. Because they alreasy have some really good settings I didnt bother with the protrait style, and just took a few as they went about their lives. They look cuter that way anyway

Heres Freya the chocolate bunny hosting a sleepover for Ruby, Jade and Sophia. Its a bit cramped in her little attic bedroom, but they’ve got their toys out, and I spy a few snacks too, so I dont think anyone minds.

The next morning at breakfast everyone was far too tired, although Freya is ever the good host, and still made them breakfast.

Heres my magiclip Ariel working away in her bedroom. Her fascination with human objects hasnt abated, and shes become something of a craftsman in her quest to understand how things work. Of course she still has her collection of thingamabobs scattered around too, much to the frustration of her best friend and housemate Cinderella

Shes retained all her neat habits from life with her stepsisters, and after years of cleaning their clutter she’s not a fan of Ariels, preferring a more spartan look for her rooms.
Next I dropped in on Jade, Sophia and Ruby back at their place, where they are planning to issue Freya a return invitation

Jade is trying to make some more chairs, because its a bit of a stretch just with the three of them in there, let alone guests, but Ruby thinks she’s made them too small, since she just fell off one. She suggests asking Freya to bring a stool, but they arent sure if that would be rude. She was such an excellent host to them, they feel they have a high standard to live up to.

Sophia meanwhile has vanished upstairs. She said she was going to figure out if they could fit everyone in the bedroom, which apparently involves lengthy testing of the bed. Well, they did have a late night!

Thats my days work. I had a lot of fun doing it, I hope you like it too. I know the photos arent great, but I did the best with what I had.
And now, to pack for my shirtened weekend away!


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