Family Portraits- Part 1

The bad news continued after I posted last night. Just before I went to bed I discovered that my course starts back a week earlier than the uni published date. Losing a week of spare time is an annoyance, since up until today Ive not really had proper free time because Ive been working for assessments. The real problem though, is that in view of the end of assessments, and the week off i thought I had, my partner arranged for us to go for a long weekend in a seaside town. Theyve been there a bunch, and knew I really wanted to go, and it was a totally lovely idea. So its all booked and payed for, since we go tomorrow, and. Ive now found out that Im supposed to be in lectures next monday and tuesday. Now, i do not like to miss uni stuff. Because of the course Im doing, the requirements on attendance are stricter, and they take registers a lot. Also, if you arent there, you miss stuff! But we’ve payed, and Im not flushing that money down the toilet, so the next option is fake sick. I know thats lying, but the course leaders are scary, and specifically warned us at the beginning of the year not to book holidays. They were referring to the resit period over the summer, but they still wouldnt be impressed. Then, the final nail in the coffin, on tuesday I have a practical session which is very, very compulsory, and its not easy to sort out anther time to do it, I gather. Though I dont actually know, because Ive never yet missed one. So the final solution is skip monday, and come back a day early, in order to show up for the first thing practical on tuesday. Tired, no prep work done, and probably not ironed my uniform, but there. Im assuming there is prep work. I havent looked, i dont really want to know.

Rant over. Anyway, that ruined my day. It stressed me out so much that I had the nightmare about being trapped at my parents house and mum not letting me leave, which I usually only get when a visit is due. This morning I decided to bite the bullet and took a few dolls to charity, as well as binning my house repaint attempt, which wasnt a cheerful start to the day. I gave away all my sparkle girlz, including the giant one, some annoyingly pink things that came with various sets, a couple of impulse purchase dolls, and the second Jolina. I was thinking of finding another collector for her, but I dont know that many people would have wanted her with missing bits, its not like shes fantastically rare. And actually, on thinking about it, a child could give her a good home. I loved my dolls, and looked after them reasonably well, and for the price that these zapf creation dolls seem to be online, and how scarce they are in the shops, i dont imagine any child living around here would get one any other way, amd she is a very good play doll.
So, I decided after all that, to cheer myself up with:
Gratuitous Doll Photos!!
I know I need a decent camera, but still, I had fun taking them. I started taking photos of all my doll “families”. They arent all actually related, some of the groups just all live in the same reality, or are friends, but it still seemes like an appropriate name for them

First up is Steffi and her girls. Steffi is a foster mum to all the children that I have in her scale, currently Skipper, Stacey, Chelsea, Hannah and Sally, and the baby. Hannah and Sally are TY lil ones. Hannah is the blonde, Sally is darker. Standing in the back is Steffis sister Nia. Shes not so big on children like Steffi is, but shes fond of her twins little family, and is happy to play ‘aunty’ to them when she’s around. You may notice that Steffi has no shoes on, which is pretty normal for her running around after everyone. She usually remembers to finish getting dressed before leaving the house though, so its ok. The older girls are mortified when she forgets and goes out in her slippers, but the youngsters just think its funny. Steffi also insisted on a photo of just the girls

And when noone was looking, I managed to capture a family moment with ‘aunty’ Nia telling stories

Next up were the supernatural gang, who amusingly insisted on the removal of the pink throw from the sofa

Bianca insisted on sitting in the middle, to look like the queen bee she knows she is. Zombia, the one who is really in charge, is pretty amused by this, but shes confident enough in her status to let it slide, smirking from the far right. Between these two strong characters sits Biancas more level headed sidekick/BFF, and on the other side are Draculaura and Pixie. Standing in the back is the groups newest arrival. Ill do more detailed posts about all my families and who they are individually, if I put everything about everyone in one post it’ll get silly. Next up were the fairies

They are a small group who cluster together to share magical resources, although they do all get along well. Then the disney princesses took a turn

And now, you begin to see why I wanted a big sofa! You’ll notice standing in the back there is an honourary member, who has been adopted into the gang when she first arrived alone. She’s the only one of her line I have or am likely to have, and she fits in just as if she were meant to be there. Quite a few of my princesses were born commoners too, after all. Then I took a shot of just the ‘main’ gang

Although everyones been quite happily swapping outfits, the ladies on the sofa are originally from the disney store, not the versions available in other shops. In my universe they are a bit older than the others, which fits with them being a bit taller, and they are also more sensible, and less prone to getting into scrapes.
Next into the spotlight is Jolina number one. Im worried shell be lonely, Id like her to have some friends eventually but I dont have anyone in mind right now. So I decided that she and Pinkie Cooper could live in the same universe

What girl wouldnt want a talking dog-girl friend. I sort of managed to get her out of dance clothes for this photo too, which is hard when its most of what she owns, and I think she looks more adorable than ever.
Next came my LaDeeDa girls

Those two are just friends, and are expecting a new arrival soon, as Im currently customising a LaDeeDa ripoff doll called Sweetyz to join them.
Last, the Bratzillaz

Angel is having trouble sitting in her tight skirt, but Meg wont give up the only stand, because she wants to show off her dress and shoes. And after all, as she pointed out, its her stand. Angel did then mutter that they were her shoes, but Meg ignored that, and we got there in the end.

Thats the first selection of my photo fun. Ive decided to split into two posts, and the second one will be my ever after high gang, and all my Minis!


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