BAD review!

A while back I picked up a set for kids to make their own jewellery box

Its in a line called wood worx, by colorific, an australian company. I figured it’d make a cute, quirky dolls dresser. It ckmes with very bright paint and stickers and things for decoration, which I wasnt intending to use, and Iwas also thinking Id swap out the heart shaped knobs on the drawers. The stencil that came with it should be handy for various decorating endeavours, since the lovely scrap book paper used by myfroggystuff is rather out of my budget.
But, alas. There are pieces of the drawers missing from the set, and I actually think that some of the ones I do have are wrong. On counting Im only two short, but I think Im missing more than that, and have extras of others. Theres enough to make the unit without the drawers, which I did

But the pieces are so badly cut that I resorted to using hot glue as a filler to make it stay together, which isnt the most attractive decoration.
Basically, not a good kit. At all. Ive given it to my ever after high dolls for their part decorated room set, and they like it well enough

But right now its all they have. The drawer units they are sitting on are borrowed from larger dolls. Seeing as I got this:

For much less, which suits the same scale dolls, but with more storage space, its not worth it. I like the wood look better than the plastic, but you could put scrapbook paper over the plastic one, if you have it, or newspaper and paint it, which I would do. Whenever I get the bus I pick up the free newspaper, so thats one resource I dont have to worry about. Anyway, not reccommended.


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