Random round-up

Theres a few things recently that dont really warrant their own post, but at the same time, i quite fancy putting up. Firstly, i want to share two more usueful finds from poundland. These socks are fantastic for doll clothes


Ive already used some of them to make clothes for Emily, and theres plenty left for my smallr dolls too. The lacy socks, I actually got four pairs for £1, which is excellent, because they’re knee highs, so theres a lot of material in them for that money. I also found these little draw units


I think the size is about right for dolls. The scale is a little off for Barbie-size dolls….


But they’d be fine for dolls any larger than that, and i think that for Barbies you could incorporate them into a piece of furniture. For instance, about three in a row with bedding on top would be perfect for a bed with storage underneath.
Speaking of furniture, I finished a sofa. Its straight from a froggy stuff tutorial, so Im not bothering with photos of the process


I think I might have got a but carried away. I was aiming for it to be a big sofa, so it could be in the family rooms of even my largest doll families without a problem, but I was sort of envisioning about a four-seater. That is a lot more than four. It works for dolls on a bigger scale though, which is nice


Here are my Jolinas taking advantage of it in a rehearsal break


Its only a little bit small for Emily, and its so long that she could sleep on it.


Which will come in handy until I get around to making her a bed, at least. Like her pjs? More designafriend offerings. I went down to smyths with the intention of buying her something from our generation, maybe the sleepover set, and a new outfit, but I think Ive gone off them. The outfits arent completely enclosed in plastic so you can feel them, and the fabric felt like much poorer quality than Id expected. Ive not encountered anyone mentioning that in a review, but for twice the price of the superior quality designafriends, Im not going to bother. Theres a lot more range, so Ill keep an open mind to them, but Im quite put off. Still drooling over the camper van though.
Ive found one mention of the Emma Loves doll, on toyboxphilosophers blog, where she did manage to find out the company name, but she describes the doll as being 14″, and didnt buy it. Emily is definitely bigger than 14″! But if you want some better quality photos of her, and to see her in box, the post is I believe called toy box tourist. I would put a link to it, but I honestly dont know how. My relationship with technology is a bit of a rocky one.
In TKMaxx the ither day I saw a completely new LaDeeDa doll, which seems a bit odd. Im pretty sure that line is dead and gone now, so they shouldnt be bringing out new stuff. Its a make clothes for Dee type set, which I nearly bought, but I didnt need it at all. Wish Id taken a photo, but i had no camera. I am curious about that one though


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