Poundland find

I just wanted to make a quick post about these

All this furniture was for sale in poundland today, and I think it was a really good find. Each piece of furniture came on its own, except the chairs which were a two pack, and Im very impressed by the quality. Its all wood, Im guessing sprayed white, not very thoroughly but thats no big deal. It has some lovely details, like under the table

The way the two drawer sets havent got the exact same feet

And just the chairs, overall, are very detailed

It looks like a pretty basic set, but thats a lot of detail for such small furniture, its probably about the right size for sylvanian families, or barbies sister chelsea. And its wood, not flimsy moulded plastic, its a normal colour, not bright pink, and overall, except for the finish its something Id expect to see in a miniaturists shop, not poundworld. This is one iccasion where I dont think I could have made them any cheaper on my own, since Id have needed to buy wood, and tools, and actually Im not sure how Id have done the curved bits. Well worth it!


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