How its made- Circular armchair

I made an armchair for my dolls

Im going to kind of explain how i made it. This isnt meant to be a tutorial, if you’re wanting step by step instructions then a lot of peope have made those who are much better than me. I reccommend MyFroggyStuff, on blogspot or youtube, and if you just search for tutorials you can find loads. Im just showing its construction as an idea share. Ive executed it quite poorly I think, compared to how I think it could be done, but. I think a more skilled or neater crafter could take this inspiration and run with it 🙂
So, first I used:

A paper plate cut into three like in the photo, and I also trimmed the edge of another one to get a circle of card, but you could cut a circle out of any card.
4 bottle caps
A circular sponge, and some fabric to cover it all

And also a bit of loosed wadding of some kind, to pad out the arms and back. My way of working is waste not want not, so i used the bits I trimmed off Megs hair the other day.

Im guessing most people wont have a pile of dolls hair lying around, and to be honest it was pretty messy to work with because it didnt really stick together, so id suggest using something a little more traditional.
First, I glued a square of fabric to my sponge. Apply the glue to the fabric, not the sponge, it goes on more evenly

I glued in the straight sides, leaving to corners loose

Then flattened the corners down making little pleats on either side. I put glue in the pleats, trying to keep it from being visible

Now it kinda looks like a little parcel. I trimmed off the bits sticking up, and glued the card circle on top


And glued the bottle caps to this for legs.

These are actually the tops of little pots of toothpicks, not bottlecaps, but I would have been using bottle caps if i had four that matched, and you’re more likely to have those around the place

So heres the base. I glued the back of the chair to some more fabric

With a pretty generous margin around the curved bit. Then i started to glue in the edges, before adding some of my stuffing

I glued down the rest of the edges to contain the stuffing- this bit was super messy, my glue gun now has a ginger wig! Then glued it to the base

I had to add a few extra bits of glue to the edges to stick it down all the way around, it wouldnt do it in one go because of the curve.
Then i made the arms in a very similar way, from the smaller bits of plate

Only for these I didnt do it all in one piece of fabric. I glued one all the way around, then cut another piece shaped like the plate, glued it down by two sides, then added the stuffing before glueing down the third

Finally, I made a cushion in a contrasting colour and stuffed it with the last of the hair

The last step for me, was sitting down and cutting off all the little strings of glue that had got everywhere. Im not the neatest worker, so im not sure if everyone would have to do this bit. I think the chair looks really nice, if you get up very close you can see the glue at the seams, but its not apparent from a distance. And i could probably put some little strips of fabric over all the seams, to hide it, if i wanted to. Its also the teensiest bit wonky, but that doesnt bother me at all. The girls all love it, and thats whats important



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