Quick Post on Face removal

This is just a bit of information about taking the paint off your doll, because. I learned this from trial and error. I mean, Id read and watched other peoples information, but so far I havent encountered any brand recommendations, or anybody having the same problem as I had, so as far as I know this is filling a gap.
The first time I took some paint off a dolls face, it was a bit experimental, obviously. Im not someone that owns stuff like nail polish remover, so. I borrowed a bit that someone else had left in the bathroom of my shared house, on the logic that there was no point buying my own until I knew it worked how I wanted it to.

This is the polish I used that first time, and the paint came off super easily. I was really thrilled with the result, I took the little grape detail off LaDeeDa Juicy Crush Tylies face with it and now I dont think you’d ever know there was anything there. Ill show you a photo of that when I do her post.
So then I went and bought some of my own polish remover, since its one thing to borrow a tiny bit of someones nail varnish remover, and Im sure noone would mind that, we do share quite a bit, but its another to take the whole bottle. This is what I got:

I couldnt get the same brand because i was in a different shop. Also, everything Id read and watched seemed to say that the difference was in how much acetone it had in it, not the brand, and neither of these bottles specified.
Since then Ive been having lots of trouble with the paint smearing, and not coming off properly, so the features are still faintly there and the doll seems to have a dirty face. I did consider if it was the remover I was using, but also, since that first success Id become a lot more confident, and was trying to remove much more ambitious things. Plus, looking at video tutorials, people kept talking about the technique you use, so i needed to test it out. I took off Angels face with the original remover, to find out, and it was so much easier. So thats the story. I recomment the first remover, basically. Brand does make a difference!


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