Bratzillaz again! (Angelic Sounds)

So, I like Meg. A lot. And proportionally, she doesnt really fit with any other doll line that I have. She can share furniture and accessories, but clothes arent going to work, and they’d look kinda odd in a scene together………. And Im pretty sure any other doll collector can see where this is going. I decided Id better get her a friend, of course :). I looked at the other main characters in shops, but I didnt really warm to any of them. So many of the dolls in this line have fringes, and when the hair is a bit cheap, or just well loved, the fringe looks much worse than the rest of the hair once its gone messy. And Ive certainly found it harder to sort out too. Thats not to say I wont have any dolls with a fringe, not at all. But when I see a fringe on a doll, I do always think twice. And if I know the hair isnt great quality, or the fringe has a curl to it, or if what Im planning for that doll will make things worse, I dont go for it. So I have a Cerise Hood doll, but she’s more for display than anything. Im planning a more active life for my Bratzillaz though.
On top of that, I didnt like the strange pupils that Jade and Sashabella have, and Yasminas hair makes me suspect bald spots, if taken out of its original style. So that was that rather, for the basic dolls. I then turned to the two other student dolls, Im not sure exactly where they come in, I think they might be exchange students? I did think about Victoria Antique, but she still didnt quite grab me. And finally, the witchy princesses, where I decided that Angelic Sound is the one I like best besides Meg. And here she is!

She arrived this morning, another one to come out of my christmas tokens. In the first photo she’s on a stand, but that isnt her stand, just to be clear. I borrowed it from Meg because her dress is so tight she cant sit down properly. She has the same body as Meg, but i think its slightly better quality, none of the joints seem loose and she doesnt have the problems in her wrists. And heres a better look at her face:

And her socks and shoes:

I love those socks, though I was surprised by how little stretch they have, and her dress is fantastic too. Its much better than. I expected from the creators of Megs outfit, which whilst not bad, per say, isnt exactly inspired either. Her cloak and earrings I can take or leave, but I usually put doll earrings in a safe place instead of leaving them in all the time. I do like her quirky headband, but I thought it might sit better without those twists. I had a check and she does have a centre parting rooted in, so I knew that taking them out wouldnt be a total disaster. I actually ended up taking a photo halfway through the removal, because she did look sweet

Of course, I had already planned to redo her lips, the same as I did Megs, and for some reason she has much thinner eyebrows, which I wanted to fix too. And to be honest, I thought her eye makeup is too heavy.
Sooo, I basically ended up taking her whole face off and starting over. I really dont know when to leave stuff alone, I never have. But in this occasion Im super glad. I did it, because look at her now!


The photos havent really captured her sweet new expression, but im very pleased with how she turned out. She looks much friendlier now, typical Bratz makeup can look kinda agressive. Her headband sits better on her now, too. I like how she looks with a headband in, but I reckon Im going to find her something plainer for day to day, the bird cage is a tad impractical. Finally, I refuse to have a doll called Angelic, so she’s going to be Angelica, or possibly Angel from now on. At least those are names.
And to say goodbye, here is Meg, who has claimed Angels shoes to go with the new skirt I made her 🙂



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