Newest Arrival!

And the post keeps pouring in. I got a lot of tokens for christmas, so Ive been adding various dolls to my collection, as well as a glue gun for their furniture, and some liquitex gesso so. I can use pencil on their faces. But todays star is Emma

She’ll get a review once she’s settled in a bit. And Im going to do a bit of work on her, now that i have the gesso. I dont much like the eyebrows, or lashes

She’s pretty exciting because I finally have an 18″ doll! Ive been eyeing up the out generation accessories in shops for a while, and reading peoples blogs Ive seen how much potential this doll size has, so I wanted in. I really want the our generation camper van, it looks like so much fun for a doll:

But. I dont really have the space for something that big, I already have two room boxes for my 12″ and a little house set up for the smaller dolls. Id like Emma to have her own setting, but Ill need a bigger setting for me first! Im also expecting one more Bratzilla, after I loved Meg so much. After that Ill probably work my way through the rest of my collection, theres plenty to write about without buying anyone new for a while now šŸ™‚


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