Pinkie Cooper (in london)

I wandered down to my local smyths today, as an essay writing break, to take a look at their sale situation. There were quite a few discounts, but also a smaller range of stuff, with a lot of bare shelves, which I guess wasnt exactly a surprise. I had a hunt for toys which fell in the crossover between good deal, and stuff I actually liked and wanted, because obviously this hobby costs money, and Im not made of the stuff. But I know I can afford the odd purchase if its something I really like, so. I keep up with whats going on, especially in the sales. Anyway, on a slightly jumbled looking bit of shelves, which I think was housing the last bits of almost sold out lines, I found just one Pinkie Cooper doll.

Isnt she a cutie! Out of all the outfits Ive seen her in, this is definitely my favourite, and given that theres a sale on, I went and asked at the till how much she was, as she was label-less. It took a while to even find her on the system, which makes me think she really is the end of the line, but eventually two guys working together came up with a price of £3. £3! Obviously, she had to come home with me. I cant resist a price like that, and she looked a bit battered and lonely, so Id have felt pretty bad leaving her behind. Her box had taken the brunt of the wear and tear

Im pretty sure it was supposed to have a handle on top, and all the corners were pretty scuffed. Plus, apart from Pinkie herself, everything else inside the box had come out of the plastic that had been holding them, and fallen down to the bottom of the box

Poor Lil Pinkie, faceplanting the floor!
I did actually like her box though. I normally couldnt care less about dolls packaging, but I think this one was worth mentioning. First, it was really easy to get her out. None of those irritating plastic ties that twist in the back, and her head wasnt attached to the box either. The inside of the box just slid out, after only cutting one piece of tape, and just a bit of manouvering got her limbs out too. Plus, I just though the box was really sweet!

It was kinda understated compared to some packaging, the colours were soft, and with more cardboard, and less plastic to it, she seemed less exposed in there. Now Ive got her out of it Im going to use it for something else, because its nice and sturdy. It’d make lovely furniture, and I wouldnt even have to cover it with those stripes. The only downside to her packaging was her hair/ears, which were secured with strips of tape

Just strips of normal sticky tape wrapped around them. They were a bit of a pain to get off because they stuck all the way around. i couldnt get scissors in between them and the hair because hair was stuck to the whole surface, I had to kind of wriggle it off. The hair itself seems none the worse though, it has a lovely soft texture and Ive seen dolls hair come out of the box looking in much more of a state, it only had a couple of tangles. The ears/hair are on pegs which come out, so you can swap them over and give her different coloured hair

Which is pretty neat, although just the swapping around I did to take these pictures was enough to leave it kinda dishevelled, I think in the hands of a child they’d get ratty pretty quickly. Pinkie comes with her dog, Lil Pinkie, an umbrella, and a camera


The camera is amazingly detailed, with buttons and a little screen on the back, but I dont really have a good enough camera to show it. Lil Pinkies dog coat matches Pinkies dress, and it comes off, as do her ears. They also can swivel, as can her head


And here they are together, to show the scale. I think they seem quite in proportion with each other, though the fact that Pinkie, a dog or dog-person, has a pet dog, is a bit odd

Pinkie has decent motion, though her knees only bend a tiny bit, and her wrists have no motion at all

Still, not bad! She’ll pose pretty well. Her hands are kind of paw-inspired, but her feet are just regular feet


Actually, her feet look pretty familiar. Heres a comparison with Steffi, a doll who is very similar to Barbie

And Steffi fits Pinkies shoes just fine, even though she’s much taller

They cant share clothes though, Pinkie is much too small. I had her do a few clothes swaps though, and shes not going to go short of outfits in my dolls wardrobe!

She fits into ever after high clothes, though it was a squeeze getting her paws through the sleeves, and it looks a little bit odd with her flat chest.


She looks lovely in Staceys romper too, and Skippers top makes a cute dress. They are both a little bit looser fitting on her, but as they fit their owners very closely it doesnt look bad. She can even pull off the shoes!

From the front at least 🙂 I imagine she’d fit Barbie size shoes, but I dont put anybody in those shoes that often, because they fall off pretty easily, and I dont want to lose them. Her own boots look like they’ll stay on fine, so she can stick with those.
Unfortunately, these outfit swaps dont work both ways:

The dress wont even go over Staceys shoulders. I didnt bother trying on anyone bigger. And as Stacey and Skipper have flat feet, they cant wear Pinkies boots either. However, I did find one taker for Pinkies dress- La Dee Das’ Tylie. She’s got such a thin body she can get into it easily, and its loose fit looks intentional

She can even wear the shoes. They’re a bit big, but they’re so long that they stay on well

This is Pinkie next to the two dolls I reckon are nearest in size, Stacey and Skipper:

I really like her smaller size, I think she’d be the ideal doll for someone to take about with them, either a child for play or someone a bit older for outdoor photos. Her hat is secured to her head by her hair/ear pegs, so its unlikely to come off, same as her boots. And in that sweet little outfit she just looks so adventure-ready! Id like to take her for some photos on rocks by a beach maybe, or if I could figure out a way for her to hold her camera she could come and take photos of her own of things that interest her. That’d look adorable, if I could get the perspective right.
I think she even looks great without her ears in

Shes got a very nicely done face. Quite subtle makeup, which I think is good given that she’s a dog. And the creators have definitiely managed to stay on the right side of the cute/creepy line, which I think is often a risk with things like this. Ive seen anthropormorphised animal toys before which I really wouldnt want in my bedroom, although I suppose thats personal taste.
Her eyes have an inset look to them, and that combined with the rooted eyelashes make her look particularly lively, I can imagine that she’s going to blink or sneeze any minute as I look at her. Overall I love her, I can think of so many things I want to do with her. Lots of outdoor photos, and I ve had an idea for a whole bunch of pet-themed furnitue, like a bed thats a crossover between dog and person. Maybe even a house thats decorated a bit like a kennel, if Ive got a lot of cardboard and Im feeling ambitious.
Bye for now!



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