Dolly Holiday part 2

So here is the second part of my photos of Cassie. Her other main trip out where I took photos was at an old castle with a very fancy garden


It was quite a hot day, and we were all pretty tired, so the day went at a pretty slow pace overall



Mostly we looked at the plants, rather than the castle, since my mum has a particular interest in them




Since it was a fancy garden, instead of the woods, Cassie had to be more respectful and not just climb on everything, but she wasnt exactly dressed for it anyway. And she did make an exception for the pumpkin/gourd thingy, since it looked sturdy enough (I dont speak plant)





It was a nice day out, although much calmer. The only other place she went out for photos was on the beach. Cassie was pretty excited for that, since we found a deckchair she could use


Here she is testing it in my kitchen/ the half of my bedroom with tiles (studio flat)


However, I meant to make a new seat for the deckchair, which would have been pretty easy, just a fabric strip, and I didnt manage to finish it. The reason I wanted to was because the deckchair is actually a phone holder given out as a promotional item for a company, and as such has their logo on the current seat. I didnt really want to display their logo on my blog, thereby associating it with me, and I doubt that the PR team of that company would be thrilled either.


So, I didnt end up getting any good beach photos of her sitting in it in the end. I was just too busy having a fun holiday to sew


The other fun feature of my holiday was that Cassie did get to make a whole lot of new friends!


My parents like car boot sales and charity shops, which is totally fine by me. I found a couple of bags of doll clothes as well as the dolls, and so I was able to put clothes of some form onto everybody, even if it didnt exactly all fit. Everyone looked cute though 🙂



Dolly Holiday

So, I finally finished my degree! I dont have any essays hovering over me now, which is nice. And Im not especially worried about managing my time around full-time employment, because its actually going to work out as less hours overall than what I have been doing, when you consider uni and part-time work etc… Anyways. Because of this whole free time thing, I joined my parents on their holiday, which was a week in the south of England.

I love looking at the doll photography other people do where they take their doll around with them, and I’ve enjoyed taking pictures of my DC Superhero girls climbing around the garden, so I decided to have a go. I wanted to take Andrea, my OG doll, but she is kinda big, and my parents didn’t want to be seen with me carrying her around, so I picked Cassie. Cassie is the only made to move Barbie I have who still has her original head, instead of being used for a body swap, although I did give her some freckles and new eyebrows. I feel like the eyebrows they usually use on that face sculpt can look kinda harsh


I packed her a really large selection of clothes and accessories, most of which I actually didn’t end up using, because not everywhere we went was entirely suitable for taking her out and posing her. I didnt want her to get hurt or damaged


Here she is posed in her travel outfit, ready to set off. The camera is actually Bratz. I used a fair few Bratz accessories, because some of them have really impressive detail. I actually just raided my entire stash to pack for her, that leather jacket is actually normally worn on display by my Raven Queen doll on a fashionista body. I figured she could manage for a week, its one of the cutest barbie-sized jackets I own.


Here is a slightly blurry shot of Cassie in the seat that she found for herself in the car. She thought that it was perfectly doll-sized, although she didnt have a great view of the scenery, and she had to move if I wanted to get out of the car, since she is in fact sitting in the handle!


And here she is enjoying the view, with a little assistance from yours truly.


I made her a sleeping bag, pillow and book to take with her, and she shared my room


That shot looked a bit better once the light had gone I think. She looked odd sitting in bed with loads of sunlight coming in, although the sun does stay up late in summer, she wasnt just in bed super early.

One adventure that she did get to come out of my bag and do some posing was a very small preserved railway. It also had a woodland trail, and some little miniature set-up scenes with tiny doors and things, which were perfectly sized for her, and so she had a lot of fun with exploring that.



She sat on a log and watched the trains





Then had a bit of fun on the miniature scenes



Before we went down to the platform to get a closer look, and ride a train




She tried to pose so that it looked like she was climbing onto the train, although there are not any shots of her on it because it rattled a lot


One of the things that I loved about this day out was that my parents both got involved in helping me to get good shots of Cassie. I know that they dont share my passion for dolls, but I still thought that it was a nice activity for us to do together, and my dad is actually pretty good at photography.



Then, whilst we were waiting for the train to be ready for our ride, Cassie and my mum got a bit bored, so she climbed up a plant



One more pose once the train is ready…


I do have one photo of her on there, it looks like


This is before it started jolting about, holding onto her ticket. After that, we all went for a walk on the woodland trail



Once again, Cassie (and my mum) were keen to get into everything



DSCN0149 (2).JPG

I really loved that day out. I think Ill stop the post now, and put up a second half, so it doesnt get super long. I find long posts annoying when Im trying to read them because the photos take a long time to load, so I’d guess the same will be true for some other folks too



Dr Frankenstien strikes again!

So I made these cuties

Sorry one is naked- I dont have much that fits her. They are all heads from dolls in the barbie video game hero line, put onto either skipper or stacey bodies. I love the faces of these dolls, but they all have awful bodies. Either they have sculpted on clothes and limited articulation, or they have daft gimmicks, which also result in sculpted clothes and articulation problems.

I put this one on a Stacey body, because I ran out of Skippers. I would have liked them all on one type of body, but I dont think the height variation is so extreme that it looks unnatural. This one is currently nude because I dont have a good stash of Stacey sized clothes like I do with Barbie sized dolls.

This girl is on a Skipper body. The only reason she’s clothed is cos the Skippet was, I dont think it exactly suits her. Ill make her something better.

I found a Barbie outfit to fit this one. I dont have a massive stash of Skipper outfits either, but I found that the top and skirt from an older Barbie fit ok, and then the gilet on top is newer, but still seems to fit ok.  

I plan to make them all new clothes, something suitable cute and fitting for their anime-type faces. So, wheres the frankenstien moment?

These two look ok, even with the obvious skin tone difference. No, heres the frankenstien moment

This body is supposed to have some sort of game, played by buttons on the belt. Lights up and stuff. But the legs literally cant move at all. Im gonna donate my creation, but I certainly wouldnt buy it!

Best charity shop find ever

I had a day out with my mum this week, and as always we dropped in to any charity shop we saw. And I found this girl

I saw her feet poking out on the shelf of childrens toys, and when I pulled her out I couldnt believe it. I looked on the back of her head and yes, its a Gene doll!

I was so excited, and I was sort of whisper-shouting at my mum, because I didnt want to make a scene. She was £3. Ill probably never do that well again. Its sad that I actually dont like her all that much, because Ill probably never own a Gene doll again. I bought her because I just couldnt leave her behind surrounded by cheap kids toys, who knew what would have happened. If a child had bought her and cut off her hair or drawn on her it would have been awful. 

Im planning on selling her on ebay. I hope that that way she’ll find an owner who really appreciates her

I had a bit of a frankenstien moment

One of my regular charity shops has started putting several dolls together in a bag to sell. Theyve done it a few times now. It seems like this is kinda common in american thrift shops, Ive seen it a lot in peoples thrift shopping and haul videos, but it isnt so usual in the UK. Our charity shops are quite small, and its pretty usual to find a shop with only one or two dolls, so they just get put out individually. Anyway, this shop is doing it for some reason. 

So now, I have the thing where you want to buy one specific doll, but it comes with a few others you dont want, so do you spend the extra and then get rid of the others, or you have to find a use for them. Anyways there was a bag with three dolls. One wierd dora the explorer doll (I love those), a strawberry shortcake who is kinda cute, Im sure Ill do something with her. And finally, this other doll. Id never have bought her on her own. Her face is cute, but the body was shaped a bit like a troll dolls. The legs didnt move at all, she couldnt sit down or anything, shoes were molded on, and her arms just pivoted. I should have taken a photo of her but I forgot to do it before Id destroyed her 🙂

See, cute face. The body shape was super wierd though. It would have been hard to make clothes for, it was so thick and the feet were super wide. So I figured seeing as I had her, Id try a body swap. I had no idea if it would work, because her neck was quite thick, so I decided to find a very cheap body donor in case destruction resulted. 

Yeah, it worked ok! The body I found was a budget barbie clone type, for 30p in a charity shop. The kind with just rooting on the hairline, and then the hair tied up to cover the massive bald spot. She had no clothes, but the word Abbie is molded all over her underwear, so I guess thats the brand. Again, I forgot to take before photos of either doll. My bad.

Abbie has joints in her legs, which is cool too. I really like how she turned out. The skin tones dont match, but its not super obvious. If you hold her in your hands you can totally see it, but oh well. 

The neck is too small for the neck hole. I used hot glue to bulk up the neck peg, so now the head stays on in the right place, although it doesnt really move.

Yeah. Doesnt look great up close. Normally when I do body swaps where I end up with a spare head and body I dont want, I combine them and redonate the resulting doll. If Ive done this with two Barbies to get a better articulated body, it totally works, and you end up with a perfectly good doll. This time though it wasnt gonna happen at all. The Abbie head was too small for the neck, and I managed to destroy the other dolls neck completely anyway.

However, I am still happy with her. I reckon the whole project cost me less than £1, so even though she’s not perfect I dont care. I think she looks cute, and kinda different. She’ll be fine sitting on my shelf

Cool doll clothes

So I found this ugly bug in a charity shop recently

He was actually in his box, so I know that he’s from one direction. What I liked about him was his clothes.

His trousers and jumper are a great fit on my action style doll, a get real girl. And I love the jumper!

Even his shoes fit her when she has her socks on. Its great, because she doesnt fit a whole lot of fashion doll stuff, her body is more athletic.

He also had this stripy top under the jumper. I decided to try it on my EAH hunter huntsman who didnt have a top. Its a little tight, not sure its his style, but I was getting a bit of a hipster vibe so I put it with dexters glasses.

Ive already sent the doll back to the charity shop. Hes of no interest to me, but I think his clothes were really nice, especially that lovely jumper. I like that because its something Id find quite tricky to make.

Compulsive doll buyer